Squirrel Scouts officially launched in the UK on 9th September. Chorlton offers 48 Squirrel places and currently has no vacancies. To join the waitlist sign up on the website

Moving up

When a child is a member of Chorlton Scouts, they are automatically entitled to a place in the section above should they wish to stay.

Squirrels – on reaching 6 years old, the leaders will discuss moving up to Beavers

Beavers – on reaching 8 years old, the leaders will discuss moving up to cubs.

Cubs – on reaching 10.5 years old the leaders will discuss moving up to scouts

Scouts – on reaching 14 years old the leaders will discuss options for Explorer Scouts, currently Chorlton Scout Group does not have Explorer Scouts.


The Group Scout Leader has discretion of a few months to allow young people to move up early if they are ready or to stay in the younger section if they need more time. Whilst we try to keep friendship groups together, if there is a significant gap between birthdays this isn’t always possible.



When a child moves up, they should continue to wear their uniform from the former section until they have the new one. Group Neckers (scarf) are given when a child is first invested. When being invested into the next section, their existing necker will be used, a new one is not issued.


When a child moves up, some badges can move with them. Please see this guide for move info

for diagrams of where each badge should go click here

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Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls